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Fdx Men's Set Recoil Blue Base Layer Top, Leggings, Thermal Gloves & Cap

Winter cycling essentials to keep pedaling efficiently!

  • The winters are a great season for riding, especially for adventurous riders. Yet, without the proper equipment, the rides can easily assume the form of a suffer-fest. Considering that in mind, you might want to have a look at the compression wear we have compiled for you. Coming in blue for men who share a calm demeanor, we have compiled this compression wear suit. With the stretchable top that provides comfort during the winter rides and the bottom that allows the freedom of movement, you will be set for the ride. Furthermore, the winter gloves keep your hands moving while the skull cap keeps those wintery gusts at bay.

    1. Winter bundle with warm and breathable and quick drying thermal Roubaix
    2. Base layer top with stretchable, lightweight and insulated design
    3. Fitting head Wear with thermal, light weight and high wicking fabric
    4. Leggings with antibacterial padding
    5. Hand-wear with touch screen compatibility and quality insulation
  • Cycling Clothing Care Instructions