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Fdx Men's Set Blitz Yellow Base Layer Top, Leggings, Thermal Gloves & Cap

Winter cycling essentials to keep pedaling efficiently!

  • The right kind of apparel can make a difference. Especially if it is the snowy road and the wintery chills to keep you company. Now presenting the men’s base layer suits in yellow for a sport look! That top easily adds another layer of protection against the cold. The tights make sure your legs have free movement and the skull cap covers your head perfectly. Add the winter gloves to compliment and protect your hands and the collection is complete.

    1. Winter bundle with warm and breathable and quick drying thermal Roubaix
    2. Base layer top with stretchable, lightweight and insulated design
    3. Fitting head Wear with thermal, light weight and high wicking fabric
    4. Leggings with antibacterial padding
    5. Hand-wear with touch screen compatibility and quality insulation
  • Cycling Clothing Care Instructions