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Fdx Women's Set Monarch Pink Compression Cycling Top, Leggings, Gloves & Cap

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Winter cycling essentials for efficient riding!

  • It is not just men but women too who respond to the call of winter. Just like men, we know women love riding and in fact, they are excelling in it too. Therefore, we have perfectly laid out the compression wear. The top is stretchable and fits well under the jacket or gilet or jersey even. The tights go along with the suit and keep your legs pedaling for a long time. Along with that, the gloves add perfectly to the collection as they stop all cold from affecting your hands. Coming with the gloves, we have one last item to complete your collection, the skull cap. It keeps the winter at bay from invading your head. Comes in pink.

    1. Winter bundle with warm and breathable and quick drying thermal Roubaix
    2. Base layer top with stretchable, lightweight and insulated design
    3. Fitting head Wear with thermal, light weight and high wicking fabric
    4. Leggings with antibacterial padding
    5. Hand-wear with touch screen compatibility and quality insulation

  • Cycling Clothing Care Instructions

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