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Fdx 360° Silver High Visibility Waterproof Cycling Jacket

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Advanced Visibility, waterproof, and contented rides all year long!

  • Put on this 360 reflective cycling jacket, and ride contented in any unpredictable weather. Promising an excellent breathability are the vents located on the chest and the back. This keeps your body temperature comfortable while on the saddle. The front side of our 360 jackets sports a high collar, integrated with a full zipper in that gives you proper coverage and lets you adjust your own ventilation. Also, to make sure the zip doesn't cause skin irritation, it comes covered in a zip flap. Elastic cuffs on the sleeves and one around the waist hem make sure the jacket fits around your figure perfectly, and also prevents any bagging or ride up. Rear pockets on the back of the jersey make for a practical and organized storage. The advanced reflective design guarantees safer rides in the dark.

    1. Fully water proof jacket
    2. Chest and back vents for added breathability
    3. High collar design
    4. Full zipper with added zip flap
    5. Elastic cuff at sleeves
    6. 3 rear pockets
    7. Fully reflective design
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