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Fdx Classic II Half Finger Cycling Gloves

Gel padded summer cycling gloves for easier handling of the cycle!

  • Sweaty hands and slippery palms render it difficult to firmly grip the bars. This can throw you off track. Something to keep your grip strong and comfortable is just what you require in such a situation. Just like these breathable and lightweight summer cycling gloves we have put together for you. Your palms take the heat during every rough turn or while crossing an obstacle on the road. Quality Amara fabric accompanied with gel pads is integrated in the palms for safeguarding your hands. Lycra is present on the back, strengthening the protection level of these mitts. Hands can become sticky while sweating, causing it harder to remove the gloves. Quick release finger pulls are added for this purpose, rendering it easy to take off your gloves. A soft towel patch is present on the thumb, making it possible to easily wipe off the sweat. This prevents it from getting into your eyes and stinging your vision.

    1. Made with high quality Amara and lycra fabric amalgamation
    2. Soft towel patch on thumb as a sweat wipe
    3. Ideal for summer weather rides
    4. Gel inserts in palm patch for added comfort
    5. Quick release finger pulls for easy accessibility
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