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Fdx Duo Men's Black Cargo Cycling Bib Shorts

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Delivering High Performance with Optimal Storage & Comfortable Padding for the Longer Rides

  • The Duo Cargo Bib Shorts provide a compressive fit for all body types, allowing great stretchability. Providing great comfort to the point of contact with the saddle, the bib shorts further ensure your rides are breathable. Pockets are integrated into the right position to provide storage. Perfectly fitting, the shorts cling to your legs, never shifting from the optimum position. The high visibility reflective details make you easily perceptible at night or in low visibility, adding to the safety factor.

  • Bib Shorts
    1. 3 Fabric Multi-panel Composition
    2. Compressive Race-fit
    3. Laser-cut Powerband leg grippers
    4. 2 Rear Storage Pockets
    5. 3D Gel Padding
    6. Hi-Viz Rear Stripes & Front Logo
    1. Base: 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex
    2. Bottom: Power Band Gripper
    3. Suspender: Single Layer Laser Cut Strap
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