Christmas Gifts Box

Treat your loved ones this Christmas with premium gift boxes.

Buying a gift?

Relax – we have a gift boxing service ready and waiting to make life easier for you. You just need to add it to your basket and we will ship your purchased products packed in the gift box. Made of 100% Premium Paperboard.

What about delivery and returns?

You can find all the latest information here. We offer extended returns at Christmas.

How many products can be packed in the box?

Ideally a cycling kit that includes 1 Cycling Jersey, 1 Bib Tights & a pair of Cycling Gloves easily fits into the box. If you want to wrap more than the mentioned items then you will need to add multiple gift boxes to your basket. If you want help with a larger order you can call us on +44 208 6170050 or email us at

Will there be a price when he / she receives the present?

No, don't worry. We don't put the price into the box and they can exchange it if it doesn't fit.

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