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Fdx Cosmic Navy Blue Men's Short Sleeve Base Layer Gym Shirt

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Breathable, lightweight, and ventilating base layer shirt

  • Let's keep our heads high and aspirations higher by putting on the graceful and lightweight men's base layer shirt from fdx. Making full use of our superlative nylon-lycra amalgamation, we present this men's muscle shirt with high-wicking, fast-drying and ventilation attributes. But what will these technologies do for the user? The user will stay crisp, energetic, and moisture-free no matter the duration. The shirt features an ergonomic fit with a round neck design for added coverage from wind and enhanced fits on the body, regardless of the body type. Also, created with a tested flat seam construction, the shirt offers added comfort, agility and ease of movement.

  • Compression Top
    1. Made with fine quality Nylon Lycra (80% polyamide and 20% Elastane)
    2. Flat-seam construction
    3. Ideal for summer and spring seasons
    4. Ergonomic fit design
    5. Round neck for added coverage
    1. Nylon Lycra (80% polyamide and 20% Elastane)
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