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Fdx Apollux Green Men's Windproof Cycling Jacket

Windproof Jacket for a hardy ride in tough windy conditions!

  • The J1 windproof cycling jacket is the perfect choice for windy roads where strong gusts present a challenge for your rides. Stretchiness, comfortable warmth and breathability come as added features with our appointed SoftShell fabric. With a high neck collar that covers you up, you also get to adjust the ventilation levels owing to the integration of a full length zipper. A flap is added on the zipper so it won’t be touching your body directly and cause any irritation to skin. Two multifunctional vents/pockets come integrated in the design that ensure storage and breathability. A longer back design not only provides effective coverage, but also sports three rear pockets for ample valuable storage. The Thermodream fabric on the back enhances the comfort level and quality of jacket even further. The flat seam stitching makes the jacket a comfortable skin-wear whereas the reflective details on the shoulder add safety to your nighttime rides.

    1. SoftShell fabric
    2. High neck collar
    3. Front full zipper with zip flap
    4. Longer back design
    5. 3 rear pockets
    6. Multifunctional vents/pockets
    7. Elastic cuffs and back with Thermodream fabric
    8. Flat-seam stitching
    9. Reflective shoulder details
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